About Me

I'm Rajitha Ugga

I'm a DevOps Engineer

An overall experience of 3+ years in various IT disciplines with significant expertise in AWS Cloud Infrastructure and developing automation solutions using DevOps tools.

Creating CI/CD Pipelines on AWS using various Cloud & Other DevOps tools

Provisioning Infrastructure on AWS & creating CI/CD Pipelines using Git, GitHub, Jenkins, SonarQube, JFrog, Ansible, Docker,Shell Scripting, Python, Packer, Terraform, & NewRelic.

Leading migrations of applications from On-prem to AWS Cloud and running complete cycle of migration adhering to best practices in each phase like reliability & security

Design & Developing platforms for applications on Public Cloud.

Resourceful in building and expanding platform deployment automation and standardization using Infrastructure as code (IaC) and other configuration technologies such as Ansible, CloudFormation, Jenkins & GIT.


  • Version Control System / Source Code Management : Git, GitHub & AWS CodeCommit

  • Continuous Integration : Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild & AWS CodePipeline

  • Continuous Code Quality : SonarQube,Sonarcloud

  • Binary Code Repository : Jfrog, AWS CodeArtifact

  • Configuration Management : Ansible

  • Containerisation : Docker

  • Container Orchestration : Kubernetes

  • Monitoring : NewRelic, Nagios & CloudWatch

  • Creating Machine Images : HashiCorp Packer

  • Infrastructure As A Code : HashiCorp Terraform

  • Migration Strategies & Deployment Strategies